Jul 23, 2024
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Thank you for adding your event to LincolnCountyCalendar.com. There is no fee for submitting your events. Be creative! The more information you provide, the more our visitors will see!
Once added, your event will be reviewed for inclusion and should appear within 24 hours. Please do not submit events twice.
If your event is recurring, with event information the same for each date, please use the recurring event features in the form below. If your normally recurring event will not be held on select dates due to holidays or other reasons, please provide the event title and those dates to editor@lincolncountycalendar.com and your event will not be shown on those dates. You can also choose to have them still listed with "cancelled" added to the title. Just let us know!
If your event is held on several dates but not continuous or if your event is recurring but with some details different for each date, please follow these steps: complete the form, click on "add event" and you will see a screen that indicates that your event was submitted and will be reviewed for inclusion. Next, use the "back" feature of your browser to return to the form that you completed. Modify the date and any other information that is required, then submit again. Follow the process for additional dates of the same event or meeting. If all else fails, send an email to editor@lincolncountycalendar.com indicating the date and title of the event submitted and the additional dates on which you would like it posted.
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For ALL EVENTS, please add a description and location.
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If you would like to allow users to register online for your event, check the "Use Form" box and select which information you would like to receive when someone registers. The registration form will be sent to the contact e-mail address provided above. This is a free and completely automated service. Completed registration forms are sent immediately to the contact email you provide with no delay, and no one monitoring your registration process. We do NOT collect information from those registering to be used for any purpose!

If you choose to use the registration form, you MUST select "First Name", "Last Name", and "E-mail", or your registration form will not work properly.
Registration Form: Use Form
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Completed registration forms will be sent to the following email address
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In addition to the form fields provided, you may add up to 10 fields of your own. However, we recommend only using these fields if absolutely necessary. Remember, the less information required for users to register, the more likely they will be to do so.
Custom Form Fields: Use Custom Fields
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We also allow you to attach a registration form or a flyer describing the event. To do so, click on the "Browse" button below and locate the file on your computer.
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If you have a digital picture that you would like to provide with the description of your event, please e-mail it to photos@lincolncountycalendar.com
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